Thursday, August 16, 2012


Are almonds addicting, just like wheat? Do these, along with oats contain gliadin? Is glutamic acid the same stuff, or the courser division? Gliadin runs with glutin, but does it also come separately?


There are two main groups of proteins in gluten, called thegliadins and the glutenins. Upon digestion, the gluten proteins break down into smaller units, calledpeptides (also, polypeptides or peptide chains) that are made up of strings of amino acids--almost like beads on a string. The parent proteins have polypeptide chains that include hundreds of amino acids. One particular peptide has been shown to be harmful to celiac patients when instilled directly into the small intestine of several patients. This peptide includes 19 amino acids strung together in a specific sequence. Although the likelihood that this particular peptide is harmful is strong, other peptides may be harmful, as well, including some derived from the glutenin fraction.

From Wheat Belly:
It’s the gliadin opiate at work again, stimulating appetite throughout the day. Lose the wheat, lose the gliadin protein, lose the abnormally stimulated appetite that impairs our impulse control.

Are there other sources of gliadin beyond Gluten rich foods (wheat, barley,rye)?

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