Saturday, August 4, 2012


Woo notes :  

I tried a lower protein diet, for the benefit of more stable blood sugar and lower hunger.

Any truth or just another story?

Can you tell what is in the fridge by looking in the garbage? --- This was a statement about urine ketone testing. But is the shopping cart better? It tells what the family want's now. Wants not needs. There is the change since I was young. Affluence. As a youth, if we did not grow it, we did not eat it. No money. Simple.

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  1. it's "truth" for her, but not for me -- seems to be a lot of individuality in this subject!

    you're certainly right about what people buy. when i was a kid we were pretty poor, and didn't waste money on many processed foods, especially snacks. these days ... i had a friend who was constantly having money troubles and ultimately filed for bankruptcy, and i couldn't BELIEVE the things she used to get at the grocery!


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