Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Problem with Roast Beef

Just for Tess, since she will not let the roasts go.

Roast beef is wonderful tasting food, but how did Paleo man cook it?  If we were to cook a roast today, using only an open fire, it would require something to retain the moisture, perhaps a foil rap. Did Paleo man throw a whole leg, skin and all, on the ground and cover it with coals for 1/2 a day? Or did he hang it over the fire, and dry/smoke it until it was cooked.

Roast beef also raises my blood sugar more that rare steak. Perhaps it is all the damaged proteins split into peptides more easily, or are not suitable for anything beside converting to carbohydrates. Something about those overheated branched chain amino acids, I just do not remember.

In the leptin diet, roast beef and slow cooked beef are banned, something about raising insulin more, and insulin interferes with leptin signal transduction.

Then there is the issue of time from arriving home to food on the plate issue, with a disorderly life.

I will leave the roasts for those few time that wifee cooks for a houseful.

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  1. :-) i'm honored!

    interesting information! not that the "shortcomings" would discourage me.... i actually eat much more beef in the form of tenderloin steaks and chuck roasts, but LOVE roast beef for "special" dinners.

    if i were cooking it without my oven, i think i'd probably use the offset spit method, with a gourd placed underneath to catch the drippings. after all, it doesn't need to be "done" throughout, just seared and lightly roasted. the pit-and-hot-stones method i'd probably save for things that need long cooking, like briskets, rounds, boar and venison....


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