Monday, November 5, 2018

To Blog or Not TO Blog

The blog-a-sphere is shrinking. I have been blogging irregularly now for eight years and sporadically since 2006 spring, but the service provider I first used is gone, along with the first four years of posts. It does not matter. I blog primarily as a outlet, I often do not know the answer until I express it, and my memory is getting so bad; rereading a post is an new experience. Somebody said something like every author remembers ever word they have written. I do not. 

Many of the old bloggers die off, or just suddenly stop. There last post is just there last post. We have no further information. I assume they died off or similar event, and did not just stop blogging. It does not matter.... we all die off in the end.

I miss the comments though, and the though provoking statement, some of which we know are wrong... but which concept is wrong, and which are the same effect, just expressed in such different terms that it is not recognizable as being the same. Religions are likely the first coping systems, but nobody calls them that. They are group delusions, well yes, with many fanciful concepts, but in reality, they are all just coping systems... oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

The traffic has diminished to the point that I can say anything without drawing fire, yet, as blogging is also a coping method, it does not matter. I get an audience, perhaps it is only bot clicks, but it does not matter. I have been able to express what I need to say to my imaginary friend that read this blog. It does not matter, it is just a coping mechanism, like religion. And after, I feel better, or not, it does not matter.

Sometimes I read something that I take for information, if it fits with what I already believe, or I let it go as fiction. Some will be held in abeyance until I forget it, it does not matter.  


  1. Back "in the day" (before I had to delete my blog due to stalking/legal abuse by my ex-husband), I never had a robust army of followers - probably about a dozen fellow bloggers who rarely commented on each of my "pearls of wisdom", ha ha! So yeah, I know what you mean about missing the community.
    Nowadays I still blog in a small private corner for my own mental health; it helps to organize my thoughts & even if no one is reading, I can go back later to meditate & review the subject.


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