Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Resolve Stress Eating

How does one resolve stress eating?  There is a variety of advice out there on the net. None of it worked well for me.

First I must say that the stress we feel is not about the situation but our thinking about the situation. Second that some things are up to us and some are not. This allows us to step back from the situation that is outside of us, and let the situation go. It is all in my mind.

When I was testing soil, self employed, I would take a cone penetrometer worth $13000, and shove it into the ground, sometimes 20 metres, then withdraw it to measure soil strength. That induced considerable stress in me, for if it was loss or damaged, it was at my expense. I have the same concern stress over many things. Oh well, it is what I think, how I value money, and equipment. It is not about the situation, but my thinking about the situation. I was not in control; I was at the mercy of fate, for the lack of a better word.  That feeling was the same over much less valuable situations as well.

So to deal with stress, we can remove ourselves from the situation, or change our thinking. The situations that we are ignorant of do not cause us stress, yet they go on.  Perhaps we just need to stop caring about the situation, or just realize that the situation has nothing to do with us... and everything to do with our, my thinking about the situation.

So I need to change my thinking.

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