Thursday, December 7, 2017

Truthisms or trueisms

Truthisms are statement that are true or sort of true, but are found lacking in some respect. an example may be the typical 'existence of gods', that is to say the believer thinks it is true, but when one goes through the logic, using evidence as the basis, it cannot be true unless god is just a concept, an idea, or the result of free floating rationales. This is not the result that the religious want, so they often apply a "beyond space and time" line, which upon inspection, leaves just concepts, or the environment that only concepts occupy. Oh well. It is just a truthism.

One more is the "to lose weight, eat less and move more". Which in the long run may be mathematically correct but it is useless in the application. It ignores the fact that we animals are biochemically driven with little actual free will. But the medical field is what it is, a knowledge industry that only has some of the answers, there is much that they do not know.

Another trueism is to make money buy at low price and sell at high. Anyone who has tried to apply this to something like farming know that survival is often just luck, along with doing the right thing some of the time. Doing the right thing does not result in success some of the time.

Of late we have seen the opioid issues and all those who become addicted due to pain medication, and then the medical profession lays the blame on those biochemical units that do not use as directed, not accepting that we have little free will. We may also need help with addiction recovery, especially when we have been addicted in the past. Use as directed is a medical trueism, and should be seen as one. The drug companies, both domestic and foreign, are making money off  these synthetic opioids, and are over promoting there use. We humans cannot live pain free, or pain reduced. We must suffer, especially at the hands of the medical industry, if we wish to abuse ourselves, and remain active. It is the over promotion of  these youth forever concepts that cause many of our problems.

My father always cautioned many around him to be cautions with our bodies, but nobody listened. He managed to walk to the end, but not too much, and all those around him suffered in old age with hip problems, as had his ancestors, and most of my ancestors on both sides. What change do I have?

A life of chronic pain is what many of us have. In my case, first psychological chronic pain, later back and now hip. Chronic pain is just chronic pain, regardless of the cause. Not being able to deal with a irrational situation in youth is not much different than as a senior. There is no solution, other that just ignoring it, as best as we can. Life is suffering until death. Oh well, in the end we just die anyways.

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