Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Generally considered as safe is one of the GMO issues. It has GCAS has history; every new cross breed plant through history has been treated as such. It has been considered safe until proven otherwise.

GCAS is questionable process when we start gene splicing and the like. We humans are being used as lab rats, unknowing that we are being used as lab rats. If we are going to consider consent, informed consent, qualified for consent, able to provide consent, etc, GMO must be labeled so that we may choose. It a drunk adult is unable to provide consent, then the uninformed is also unable to consent. If we are going to worry about the ability of a wined up lady's ability to consent, then we also must worry about hidden dangers in the food supply and GMO labeling.

GMO were toughed as increasing yields, but I have not seen any evidence of that. I have seen evidence of tougher life for farmers, but now they need big acres to succeed or fail. Small part time operations just do not work. It is now apparent that food and/or water will not be the limit to human population, the ability of the earth to handle Co2 is. End a sentence with a verb, OK. This means that small subsistence farms, and seasonal employment may be the way to go, but what do I know?

Some of the GMO products have been health concerns. There was the South African corn with spider gene spliced it that killed off the heavy eaters of the corn, the poor laborers that mainly ate corn did not live to to see the second crop due to neurological issues. The farmers has no labors to put in a second crop. OH well. Then there was the cotton stubble that was toxic to cows, they could not carry calf's to term if they grazed on stubble. All of course unproven. The evidence is not conclusive, the chemical analysis has not been done to prove, but the products were withdrawn. No proof, no liability. No money to prove is just reality.

So labeling get out of the lab rat, no informed consent issue, and product withdraw of seriously flawed products is all fine. What about the current wheat issue with the product being good for growing, but the product has food addiction issues, as it contains opioid peptides?


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