Friday, December 29, 2017

and we will soon be off, onto a new year

As this year draws toward a close, perhaps it is time to reflect on the past. Appetite is a physical thing, and is therefore beyond the control of the brain. When we fast, or on a deducing diet, regardless of the type of diet, we are likely unsatisfied. Lower carbohydrate may reduce the dissatisfaction for some. To low of carbohydrate content also also caused physical dissatisfaction for some. The brains' desire is quite a different matter.

In the matter of brain dissatisfaction, there is remarkably little of any value written on the correction of this issue. There is some in research language, but it is either research without anything that I understand as relevant or nothing that I can apply, or just beyond my simple understanding. Sam Harris demonstrated how little free will we actually have, and the Stoics said some things are up to us and some are not. We need to be the dog tied to the cart and the cart driver at the same time. Not easy to acheive. With 2/3 of the people obese in developed nations, what does that say about the state of affairs.

A 5, 7 or 9 point true/false or truth scale is a wonderful tool to add evidence to. Each bit of evidence or lack of evidence moves the mental pointer toward or away from the central neutral point. And in the end we have a probability thing. If there is no evidence, something has a substantial probability of being wrong or false.

Critical thinking is a wonderful tool, but it has its limits. Absolutism is also dangerous. Fracking operations can destroy aquifers; the method of distraction has to do with subsurface communications, and is often more correctly identified as well casing cementing failure, casing perforations, and uncased exploratory holes than the actual fracking operations. It may be the fracking that releases the gas though.  Vaccinations are generally safe, however there are antidotes that suggest this is untrue. These are often associated with early vaccinations, and that may be the real danger. Introducing chemicals before the brain has formed may be the cause of autism, as autism is a brain structural issue. There are no studies that show no damage from too early of vaccinations. These two examples are often used by promoters of critical thinking but are aborted by absolutism.

The global warming, over world population are real, but we may get a reprieve on the critical nature by a mini ice-age due to solar cycles. Anyone who does not accept climate change is not dealing with the truth. Trump may wish to ignore reality and try to reap the profits rather than deal with the problem, but this will severely bite the US in the future. We say this with Hunter Harrison reaping the profits on the CP and CN rail lines, and the subsequent rebuilding required.


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