Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Let the dervishes whirl

Societal Change

Is it a process or does it just evolve? The internet has grown, first by a plan, and then it was set free with many people adding to the system, without much control... just like well, a weed, but it has purpose and use and value; yet there is much bullshit masquerading as real and valuable. But the growth rate is far faster than societal change, yet these two are so similar.

When we start to analysis the content, we immediately see in both, the width of the "bullshit bands", for the lack of a better way to describe the volume of false and questionable information, flowing in both systems. Bullshit has now a definition; stuff that nobody cares if it is truthful or not, just about the volume. Loud and big, bold, and runs over reality and truth.

Ultimately, it is all about cleaning the garbage from our minds. Obesity is about wrong beliefs about what should be eaten an why. It is also about eating less than our physical body demands. Recovery is all about learning how to reach satiation, with less food than we would like. It is learning to starve ourselves down to "normal" weight, and maintaining that biochemical state, not allowing enough food to enter the body as the body would like, while knowing that usually the biochemistry wins. But all those who think it is personal choice please leave the building and fuck off forever. We are just responding to the biochemistry, and if your biochemistry does not have this problem, you have no right to criticize those of us who have over excited hormones. The biochemistry always wins.

Within society there is wrong information, and finding and removing that information is a big part of life growth. Religion is all wrong, as it is based on a wrong concept. So what is to be believed? Politics is questionable, sports... well it is entertainment and a bit of "professional",aka, they make money off it, and then there is the recreational exercise... which we all need exercise... if we do not get it at work. But when the pain starts, it screws everything.

Society needs to change, one person at a time. It is us that must change, and let the world flail about. But what is society, and what is entertainment business profit driven promotion, all above society, but not really part of society? and what of those people caught in the spin of the political / marketing business machinery, entertainment creation bullshit generation machine? Let the dervishes whirl overhead.

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