Friday, October 13, 2017

Obesity is a psychological problem

If I were to eat only 1800 calories a day, I would not have a weight problem, but since I am unable to do that, it is a psychological problem. Could it be any more clear?

We have scales and good data as to caloric density on every package.

But the medical industry as not figured out how to fund the treatment of psychological issues, beyond those who have some form of insurance, and have no clear and simple treatment that can be demonstrated to work. Cognitive therapy shows the most promise, but what is the correct point of view? How much help is a mentally fucked up councilor? How few councilors are not fucked up? Have I ever met one? No.

Primary Care says cravings are caused by emotions. But the craving can arise directly from the situation, what ever that is. So when I walk by the refrigerator, I want to eat, when I see food, I want to eat, when it is breakfast time, lunch time, supper time, TV commercials, and whatever, I want to eat. McDonalds, Tim Hortons and  the like do not effect me in this way as they do not serve real food. As the French say, as comes the food, comes the appetite, or something like that.

So the whole thing is about not responding to my cravings, which are now the first and only reaction I have from many situations.

But I need to starve to lose weight, or should that loose weight because we do not want it to be so tight. Yet primary care says do not starve, because it damage the metabolism, but it does what it needs to do. So they are unwilling to recommend the only thing that works because it also does damage.

But when we realize that overeating is a psychological problem, does that change the emphasis and provide a different solution?

I spent the first 26 years of my life hunting for food, always finding excess. It was that natural food hunter in me that created the problem. I was on diets most of that time between, and by that time I had done 5 or six deep gain/lose cycles... most of a hundred pounds each time. I had no knowledge about how to eat right. That knowledge is not publicly available even yet, from the authorities. Some of us have figured out what is more likely to be correct, but the public authorities have issue with our plan, and it does not consistently work well, and is difficult for some to adhere to.  

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