Thursday, October 19, 2017

I feel a change coming on

Changes are coming. To what, I am not sure. But an early part of any change is letting go of the past behavior/ actions, and perhaps doing something else.

Cognitive therapy, as describe has three loci: thinking, behavior, and emotions. Yet when I look at my cognitive process in meditation, there are four parts: thinking, behavior, emotions, and beliefs. Attach the body and we have the Buddhist five aggregates. Cognitive therapy ignores beliefs, yet that is the easiest to change, the fastest to change, and perhaps the most unforgiving part of the thinking processes. When I adopted the belief that wheat has no place in the human diet, wheat and wheat products stopped being part of my diet, yet I still find I consume wheat as a filler in sausages, or did. Yet no wheat is a belief, not just thinking. Beliefs are thoughts that we do not question, they are givens, and are not yielding to pressure the same way a thought is. Perhaps this is a distinction without a difference, or not. But there is a distinction, for when eating something is considered to be not even possible, the problem just goes away.

Some retired persons can simply go home, sit down and do nothing, watch TV etc. Spend no money, and be happy doing nothing. Not I. I need thing to do, things to think about, places to go, and the like. I do not need other people much; they are just drags on my freedom. I cannot express many things without creating offense, so I keep silence, and just go away. I like to be right, and know that I am right, more or less. But I need to be active at something that I enjoy, or at least can tolerate. There are many things that I do not like, and other things that I cannot do because of interference from others, who shall not be named, but she who must be obeyed.

Opinions as these are not popular, but once we have them, what do we do? The world is overpopulated when we use Co2 level as a guideline. This guideline influences how I feel about the third world, and the US. The logic is indisputable, as is there is absolutely no evidence of any god, but masses of evidence that people have long held a "belief of god(s)".

Pushing of gods and/or religion onto seniors seems to be in fashion at all the local seniors centers. I just find such behavior to senior abusive.

But if we consider the senior abuse line, they listen but do nothing, as in the case of my brother in law. The natives harasser him, but the RCMP will do nothing. I offered to let him live here, but he does not want to leave the town. He did put his house up for sale, but the town has become native, and is a dyeing Saskatchewan small town, so sale will be slow. Oh well, he is of the wife's family and was among the "comes with."  The town has lots for sale for 100$ if you are willing to build within one year. His old house is just that, old, but functioning. He has stopped paying taxes also, because the natives are getting is money first, but he is unable to say no to the beggars/harassers. Oh well, it is his life.

So here is the coming change perhaps:

If obesity is largely psychological, and we are being influenced by opioid peptides in food, are the cravings that I feel just the driving force of opioid addiction, and the hunger of not eating just normal hunger from not eating? So I am left with two driving forces, hunger and opioid addiction.

So opioid peptides in food are from wheat, dairy products. Ground meat products often contain both milk proteins and wheat filler. So then I am left with solid meat and vegetables as before.

I know this to be true, but am as yet unsure how to apply it unless I am gone from home most of the time. I cannot not eat and sit at home, but I have little choice but to sit at home. My right hip is in too bad of condition to just walk, and archer is OK for a few hours, but that is the extent of my pain endurance. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.


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