Saturday, June 3, 2017

Nonhumor - trump

Warning rant / nonrant

Nothing to do with food, eating, overeating, lack of satiation. There are just some thing that make a bad situation worse. I refuse to give trump a capital t, he is too much of a bully for any respect.

"Make America Great Again" slogan was interpreted by many of his followers as the idea that we would make America great again by slaying political correctness, by bringing back jobs, by keeping undocumented workers from entering our country, from showing the mainstream media who's boss. In reality, he is living in the past. What government has to do is get out of the way and let companies do there think, but that has caused pollution, abandoned waste, abandoned oil wells, nuclear waste, arsenic waste, etc. Economic business must pay for the waste cleanup as well, but they have not nor will they willingly. With all these people, we need to leave the earth in a condition that the next generation can live in it. 

trump has destroy US relationships with the rest of the world and even his own people. Consider the Kathy Griffin picture and the turmoil he caused over it. It was a poor taste Taliban skit. But he overreacted, as is trumps way. Angela Merkel is now the leader of the free world. trump is just not a leader of willing free peoples.

The world has moved on since the time and populations that the American ego thought it was great, and businesses had free reign. Those time are gone forever. Green and conservation, while still developing is a much more difficult task. The forward thinking population being more free, unconstrained, made possible through an uncontrolled business morals, made the US what it was. An unethical, savage place, where life was brutish, hard and often short. They have no qualms about killing at the governments request; that is not moral nor ethical, and certinally not great. That has been there forte, along with development of the tools of destruction.

There are others who try to use force to promote themselves, and they do but not by support, but fear. Typical gun culture thinking. Taliban and muslim groups are examples if goofy intolerant religious concepts. There is one more word that I will not capitalize. Sick the US on the muslims, like an attack dog. That is what they are good at now. They are not good at critical thinking (too many unrecognized biases), or public communications, but some of them do the hardware quite well, but have it built elsewhere.
WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump said the United States "will continue to be the cleanest and most environmentally friendly country on Earth" as he announced a U.S. pullout from an international accord designed to curb climate change.

As with Mike from Canmore, Donny from New York, you saying something does not make it so. Statements should be based on real facts, not on your day dreams of reality.


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