Saturday, June 17, 2017

Zucker Problem

We the obese suffer from at least six issues:
  • A physical problem, high insulin, possible driven somewhat by food choices, but now high insulin epigenetics 
  • A possible learning impairment or other structural brain issue that make us susceptible to cultural and family dynamics, cultural/society stresses. 
  • A highly emotional based brain, which combines with the other issues to create psychological distress and issues at times.
  • A food rich environment in which some of the foods drive the problem as well
  • A lack of good information about overcoming combined problems, education knowledge component. 
  •  A brutal and uncompassionate society with little knowledge of how to overcome individual internal issues. Specific individuals have knowledge, but it is difficult to find these and extract the knowledge from them. 
As the specific knowledge is not unique, which piece of knowledge is lacking? That is the question.

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