Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Purpose in Life (2)

Generation of alternatives is the next stage in the decision process. It is more along the lines of useful meaningful work that I need, but I am not willing to punch a clock, nor do sales, nor my old profession, even if I could. My mind is just not sharp enough anymore. It had stopped being fun a number of years ago, but I had to wind down the company, such as it was.

Why is purpose important to have at a conscious level? If we are alive and doing we have a purpose or meaning in our lives. Purpose or meaning is the root of motivation for doing whatever we do. That is coupled with attachment to the purpose or meaning, and engagement in meaning, together these attitudes produce flow in life.

Typical purpose or meaning have connections to something or someone outside of ourselves; religion for some, or some cause or organization for others, often at the exclusion of others. Some are fixated on family, and become immeshed. The other extreme occurs when a dishonest member screws another, splitting family, or religion, politics, morals, other other value splits family. Work or career is often sited as something to become engaged with, but then forced retirement comes along, or no longer capable, or memory begins to fail, or the need for the occupation dries up or decreases... overpopulation, yes. Fixation on some objective is often seen as a driving and motivating force, but fixation can be broken by any number of things, becomes obviously impossible or we recognize our cause is irrelevant.

Family is not a factor, and I was raised in the era where we talked openly of overpopulation and pollution. I was raise in relatively poor conditions, and early on realized I would not subject any child to what I underwent growing up, hence the no children stance. Some of those cold and savage conditions effected me in other ways, personality issues, relationship issues, and the like, bringing us to where we are today. One of my close cousins was a modern hermit until he died.   

One other item that has come up out of this political discontent around the world. Canada also has this issue, but in Canada with multiple parties, some 35 to 40 percent of the popular vote are in control, where as with Brexit and US election you need 50 percent. The Liberals are in power here with the support of the natives on the Dole, with I think 38 point something of the popular vote. The liberals offered something for everybody, but are searching for ways to borrow enough cash to make it work. They are short of delivery and are now looking at tole  roads. Oh well.

Hobbies are supposed to be fun, and anything that I tried was for a while, but then they became chores. I could do any number of renovations around home, but I have no desire to do. I could turn wood, or other wood related projects, but why? There is no purpose in those things for me anymore. I can sit and whine on a blog for a couple of hours a day perhaps, but that too has it's limits, and is of little value to anyone, beyond me filling time up.  I do a bit of traditional archery, but no interest in competition. Walk the dog a couple of time each day is about all my hips can take. I did film photography, but digital does not appeal much to me. Most of that is Photoshop anyway, and what does one do with all the images? I have file drawers of film and pictures down stairs that no one cares about. That is a lot that I am not interested in, without a purpose for the effort. So there is more negatives or what I will not be doing unless my attitude changes.

To visit relatives and some friends is a strain with their god talk. I need to be on an anthropological expedition mode of thinking. Until I became a atheist from just not caring agnostic, this was not a problem. It is amazing how much christian beliefs have seeded the English language.

I struggle with writing, and could not do it effectively before the computer and auto-correct. When I was young and working as an engineer, I depended on several wonderful secretaries, and then we hired a typist, who soon left from overwork with redoes.  Oh well, life goes on. Reports on onionskin anyone? Carbon paper anyone?  And forms on Gestetner. Hand drafting, and log tables, slide rule before the calculator in 1973. Oh well, I am dated, past my best by date. I have half of a museum around here. Technology has changed the offices in my lifetime. We adapted, but how many times can we do it? It is time for more adaption.

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