Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kraft, what does it all mean?

https://youtu.be/w0nV-_ddXoc   Dr. Joseph R. Kraft
After watching the video and having a day to digest it, what does it all mean?
Overweight and the product of gestational diabetes mother, I am doomed to diabetes, unless I eat low carb and lose weight.   
Eating sugar and/or starches will cause problems, it is just when and how much we can eat before the problem arises.
Our primary food should be fats, and carbohydrates are better than starvation, but the more carbs we eat, the more problems we are likely to have later on. So sugar eating vegetarians are on a self destruction course. Do I care? Starch eating vegetarians and bean eaters less so. 

We can slow the progress of diabetes by not eating modern sugar rich fruits, sugar, and fast digesting ground grains, as I was trained to do by family and society marketing.  

Carbohydrates, in all but green leaves form shorten life. Well maybe. Perhaps by 50%, but the effect is accumulative, but may be reversible. 

So I should go for a walk, and not eat sugar rich fruits. But what do I know?

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