Monday, March 2, 2015

Pathological Foods

Divi divi tree, well sort of, Windy Point, and sand scour
Are there foods that act as pathological desire triggers? These would be like Kessler's hyper palitable foods, but that are not that great tasting, only with addiction like symptoms of causing the desire to eat more of them.

Pathological because eating them is not good for this human.

Desire, because I have been thus far unwilling to give them up.

The lowly potatoes. They are a economical food. I grow them, as my ancestors have for more than 500 years. It feels like an betrayal of my ancestors to give them up. But then some days, for days at a time, they do not call to me. Other days, oh my god. If there was a god, I might be offended with that. It shows how deep religion is buried into our language and speech. It is a pathological desire. They must go.


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