Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pathological Desire for Food

Frost Jacking CC in front step of a condo
It is an ongoing problem that is not understood by many. It is often experienced, and seldom recognized. For those of us who have it, is a bitch of a problem. There is no available solution, only maintenance. If we take a surgical cure, we still may have a slightly different version of the same problem. What am I talking about, this cc or overeating? It could go either way.

Yoni's post http://www.weightymatters.ca/2015/03/why-you-should-aim-to-be-diligent-not.html kinda shows how much the medical community understands about the issue. Overeating is a ongoing problem. We go on a diet. We lose weight. The diet ends. We start gaining. The problem that caused overeating remains, unidentified, unaddressed. Somehow we found overeating gives us some kind of relief, we internalized that reaction or relief. High blood glucose and/or high insulin or a gut full of food is a relaxant. That is a partial solution to stress/anxiety/emotional upset, and becomes a maladaptive behavior.

Pathological desire to eat or for foods result in a food addiction or addiction like cravings. The only solution that I have found is complete abstinence from those foods. If anyone has other solutions, please advise. If the craving is present, overeating will occur. Will power has an short life against a physical drive. Not eating with cravings is trying to fight nature. How long can you tread water?

Still some medical asshole insists on moderation, and offers nothing for the cravings. He seems to be unaware of those cravings, which is likely the cause of most of the obesity we see today, not hunger. The hunger is due to processing and the speed that processed food can be digested and stored, leaving us hungry. For those also, the only solution is abstinence of processed fast digesting hyperpalitable foods. This is a addiction like issue. Replacement of fast digesting food with slow digesting food removes hunger as a driving force. See The Burn Rate Diet, Dr. S.R. Van Schoyck for more information. The Paleo does that. LCHF also. or 19th Century. Banting. Etc. 

But what do I know? I have only been digging into this overeating problem in a serious way since 2008, and have been living deep cycle gain and loss since 1955, when I started school. Anxiety is a bitch. Expectations cannot be lived up to, when the success are not recognized, but the goal posts moved, or placed beyond reach once in a while. I cannot set goals, compete or have expectations of myself else the anxiety gets ugly.



  1. Should we not use the word lifestyle rather than diet. A diet can be temporary whilst we hope lifestyle is permanent ..... the problem can be achieving what is the best or correct lifestyle balance for each of us.

    Addiction or Cravings to certain food types make the battle hard - does it help to remove all those trigger foods from the house ?

    All the best Jan

  2. Diet is what we eat. It has, in some circles, connotation of being a short term weight loss, it is equivalent to a "reducing diet" or Banting. Oh well. Pictures of food should be outlawed on the internet, for those of us who have temptation issues ,but Oh well.

    As I was told, "You do not live here alone yet", so I have to put up with some stuff. A home clear of undesirable foods is not a viable option at this time.


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