Tuesday, February 3, 2015

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Who do we trust? and why?

Well if it works... there is something to it.

We have control over our beliefs. Philosophy allows us to lay out our beliefs, one at a time and look at them, in the cold reality of daylight. Our beliefs program our automatic responses.

First it was religions that we need to get clear of.

Now some science. Science contains frauds. Keys. Fats are the cause of CVD. Satins to keep cholesterol low prevent CVD. Eat carbohydrates and cover the use with more insulin. Milk is needed. Healthy Whole grains. Fertilizer make the crops grow better (but without the seed containing as many nutrients. carb/nutrient ration went up by two). Etc. Etc. Etc.

So who are you gonna believe?  Does it withstand the acid test of reality and actually work over time?

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  1. "So who are you gonna believe?"
    Those six words can cause a thinker to have a headache ..... go away and research some more, before coming to any decision.

    Just to add I like the great view in the picture - very calming.

    All the best Jan


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