Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pithy Bunch

In the last few weeks I have encountered a bunch of pithy little statements from about and I am posting them here for the record.
but do not taste good
Bunch Berry, pithy. Not poisonous but does not taste good.

There is no recovery from obesity, only remission of active obesity.

You cannot convince someone of something against their will.

Religious institutions tend to ossify beliefs. The better practice would be to continually ratchet toward a better belief system.

We need to understand all of the advantages and drawbacks from a belief or group of beliefs before we decide to adopt them or reject them. Beliefs are often like virtues, they have two opposites. Both ends are less than ideal.

It is not necessary to show up to all the arguments you are invited to.

It is about living the philosophy. The simpler our lives, the easier it is to live our philosophy. Moderation and frugality lead to minimization.

Stoic statement: The only true good with respect to 'living a good life' is virtue. The ultimate aim is to live virtuously. Living by virtue is necessary and sufficient to live a good life. All the indifferents just make living by virtues more difficult, or not, but they are indifferents.

 Enough pith.

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