Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Resistance Starch

I have been playing around with and reading about resistance starch for a bit now.

  1. It does have a impact on keeping blood glucose from spiking as high.
  2. I am classes as pre-diabetic, with the odd morning at the bottom end of diabetic, (6.9 to 7.2) after a night out, usually involved a late big meal...
  3. So do a few (100-150 gms) partly cooked potatoes.
  4. The cause is likely is growth of bacteria in the gut that convert starches to short chained fats. The bacteria act as seed for the next meal. Cabbage and onions have the effect. These are the chosen foods of nitrogen producing bacteria, that also produce short fats.
  5. Potatoes are a lot more tasty. They do not soak up near the amount of fat.
  6. Potato starch may be useful for making a few sauces or gravy, for the few times I might do that. 
  7. Potatoes do not make me hungry in 2 hours, unlike seeds of grasses.

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