Saturday, February 15, 2014

Food Cravings 4

Are food cravings desires that have gotten out of hand?

So how does one control desires.

The stoics have a concept of discipline of desires. Stop the representation or impression before it becomes a desire by a judgement-value or opinion.... what?

In other words, it is not omega 6 oil, its is lubricant, not for internal use.
It is not sugar, but white poison.
It is not grain, but pig food.
It does not look good, but looks like fat bait, or fat rat bait. or whatever ugly term your mind can up with. A part of the corpse of an animal, the root of a plant, a tuber... a growth of starch on the root of a plant.

Any ideas any one?


  1. i find it helpful to do what you listed, plus dwell lingeringly on details of how bad the wrong foods make me feel! I've written down, from time to time how miserable i've been after eating certain foods -- revisiting what i wrote is a great reminder. Pain-avoidance is a good motivator!

  2. I have always felt just fine. That is some of the problem. No hangovers either, in my drinking days.

  3. I just wish I could write a sentence and all would become clear and solved .....

    Unfortunately I can't, I did think Tess's idea a good one. I know many do find keeping accounts of food diaries can help. When you look around the inter net food cravings are certainly not easy to diminish. The uphill battle can be overpowering, many search for answers, others do their best to help .... we are supportive. Of course the food cravings may remain.

    Wishing you...

    All the best Jan


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