Friday, February 7, 2014

ignorance vs sarcasm, vs The Real Problem

Stephan Guyenet ,,

all got me thinking about the real problem:

"But the show doesn't address the reasons why people like me are so obsessed and addicted to eating excess amounts of food; it doesn't get to the root of the problem."

and the solution.

Understanding my problem did not lead to a solution, but it did suggest a partial solution, now all I  need to do is complete this N=1, and see if it works enough to talk about it.  That solution does not include helping others to understand the problem. Many others are looking in the wrong place to find a solution to my problem. Perhaps they can help others. Oh, well,  life goes on. I am done with comments on others blogs. It is all just noise anyway.

My life, as a youth was rough for me. Isolation, harassment, abuse, forced religion abuse, or being ignored - shunned, but there was always food. My life was unmanageable by me. Along the way I discovered I could numb out with food, and I made a conscious decision to eat myself to death, for several reasons. The environment was suitable for such an action. A horse can founder on oats, I should be able to do the same. Simple suicidal idealizations. Oh well.

Numbing is caused by blood sugar high, as well as exdorphins, exocannopioids, and other chemical processes. My weight more than doubled in two years, I was 200 pounds by 10. The numbing allowed me to get enough respite to continue. I developed sociopaths, narcissistic, as well as antisocial characteristics, and learned to be comfortable with myself, by myself. I survived. I also developed what I know now is a dependance on overeating, it was a maladaptive eating behavior.

Food addiction, insulin resistance, obsessive-compulsive eating, hyper-palatable cooking, sugar addiction, wheat addiction, dairy addiction, eating disorders, disordered eating, lack of mindfulness, cravings, psychological cravings, physiological cravings, lack of satiation signal, lack of satiety, leptin signaling loss or blocking, leptin, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and all those other names   ... what ever these things really are, all appeared, but I survived. You PHD cannot agree among yourselves. What hope do we poorly educated  mere mortals have?

Then I escaped that environment, discovered smoking, drugs, booze, work, and all those other bad habits, but I survived thus far.

There are no recovery programs for this, it is survival of the specimen. Along the way I got a bit of educations, and learned a few things. Although I still have a weight problem, it is not what it was. It is apparent to me that this might be a subconscious / unconscious mind problem; it is in control too much of the time, and the directing mind is unable to remain on top of it enough. Who know about this? I have turned to the Stoics with the discipline of judgement, desire, and impulse for remedy. They knew as much 2000-2500 years ago, about my problem, as science does today. 

Enough rant. Enough experts. Enough listening. It is all just bullshit anyway.         


  1. there's no doubt of your "correctness".... to the SGs of this world, OUR dietary/weight struggles are just an intellectual "problem" (like a crossword puzzle) and on a deeper level, they don't give a shit.

    having certain experiences in common, we who are FFF (as it was picturesquely described in Wooo's circle) have mutual sympathy as well as rage and determination to make some kind of progress -- to understand the basics of what is happening and ameliorate it the best we can. we ARE all different at the genetic level, but certain similarities all us to link hands, symbolically, across the miles.

    Fred, i wish you well!!!

  2. Fred - you'll see I've just commented on your previous article.

    In the few years Eddie, myself and the low carb team have been involved in the blogging sphere, you've always supported us. You tell it like it is, you share your ups and downs, your life experiences, that is what blogging is about.

    Keep on surviving, keep on posting. We all wish you the best.

    Take Care

    All the best Jan


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