Wednesday, April 5, 2017

B Act

Recovery is all about action, action leads to recovery. Right action, right behavior, and who decides what is right action? The person making the action. We live in an overpopulated world. Wrong action may lead to our death, or our suffering. It does not matter. No one knows what is correct anyway.

Religion always tells of great altruism, and great act of self sacrifice, and yet the pope says it is selfish to not have children in this overpopulated world. He says birth control and abortion is wrong, yet is unable and/or unable to step up to take care of the people, yet speaks of his great altruism. Something is wrong here. His conception of what is right and wrong is warped. So who decides what is right and wrong?

The government has laws for now, where they are willing to spend money to prosecute some "crimes" but not others. They are reluctant to prosecute fraud, or even condemn it. Why? Could it be that so many of them are on the take from the proceeds of fraud? What is fraud? Charging for something that you know will never be provided. So is selling good government and providing poor government fraud?

The LDS church says one must tithe, even if your children do not have enough, because they need the money more. Is this right? 

We allow free market of psychic advice, and numerous similar bullshit. Some of it is just entertainment, even for those who cannot afford entertainment. They would be better off going to the library and reading, or spending that money on a reality education. Oh well, some can be fooled all the time. But it is the person making the action that decides on what is right and what is not.

We see vegetarians wailing about the conditions that farm animals are raised in, and I will admit that some of the factory farms are vicious, but the historical and traditional farms are better, but the animals have a choice of produce or go extinct. We all do. The veggies wail about eating meat and suffer from protein deficiency, fat soluble vitamin deficiencies, slow muscle development, slow mental development, high frequency of autism and similar veggie issues. Yet they do not see the problem as nutritional issue. We have to many people on this earth. We can never be satisfied, as it is dissatisfaction that drives the human population forward. More education, more choice, more and better space at home, and all the time we need more work to provide the money for more stuff. Stop the world, I want to get off. Go minimal and see the world.

The whole issue of overeating is about lack of contentment. Physical, mental, and gut satiation. That is what this life is short on. Not activities, money, or social involvement. We can keep ourselves running in circles, or we can sit back and watch the world run by.

Religions are parasitic organization also, and commit fraud ever time they pass around a collection plate. There are no souls to save, the meme parasites reside in all the old books that are used as a foundation for the religion.


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  1. "Stop the world, I want to get off."
    Me too, Fred, me too!!!


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