Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Plan

SMART has a plan. Motivation, controlling cravings, managing thoughts, improving lifestyle. With this outline they claim to be able to fix alcohol, drug and food issues. Yet at all the meetings, it is common to push sugar 'treats'. So if one is motivated enough, clear thinking enough, well enough controlled thinking, and living a good lifestyle, on should not have a problem. Yet we look around and 2/3 of the people have issues. So when one looks at the problem, well then all we need to double down and worker harder. Bullshit. There is a problem, and if we did not overeat, we would not have the problem. All well and good, but with food the cravings never leave. As we get older, we will be less active, and need to cut our food further. Then one day we realizes that the experts have missed something. Reality. Genetics. Environment. We are born with a desire to eat, cultured within a society that overeats, live in an environment that food is always on offer, in a society that is all about greed. The population is a mixture of stages of evolution, and there are some have little desire to eat; others the flip side; we are never satisfied; it is these thin people who are driving the discussion, and they do not have the same desire to eat. They do not have the problem, and are not able to solve it.

We see this fixity of ideas in religion also. There is no physical evidence for any sort of god, so the only place left for a god to hide is in the mind of the believers, and having been infected with that parasitic meme, are unable to realize that religions are parasitic memes. They are fixated on these life controlling concepts that are historical cultural group think, and are actually wrong. Overcoming overeating is all about control of behavior, of self behavior. Knowing the correct behavior is one part, and doing the correct behavior is the other part. Unless walking is part of work, or can be made into part of work, weight control is not possible. 15000 steps is three hours. Working 50 to 70 hours a week in our working life tires us out to the point we cannot continue once we become aged. Many of us never took the time required to develop a proper life skills; we were to busy earning a living; those that did or were able to develop adequate life skills do not have the problems, and cannot understand those of us with the problem, and certainly do not have a solution.

There is no physical evidence of a soul, so when we die, it is all over. And in the end we all just die anyway. Death is none of my concern, as when death has arrives, I am no more, but as long as I am, there is no death. These are not so common of beliefs but the correct one. More evidence that many of the collective concepts are just wrong.

Back quite a number of years, John Powell, a disreputed Jesuit, suggested that we should review all our beliefs and throw out those that cause us problems, are wrong, or do not help us function. I started then, and got rid of many "beliefs of youth". Since then occasionally I have used that testing philosophy to clean up more beliefs, replacing with understand, and concepts of no god, no soul, no self, virtue as I define it, and much more. I realized that many people have a wrong understanding of what is right for me, what good virtues are, and what many disabilities really are. We only need to allow others to prosper, there is no obligation to help them more than we help ourselves. Religions are just group opinions, it does not make them right, and in many cases they are just wrong.

The food and diet science is just about as bad. Shortage of carbohydrate can also cause cravings. So what we need is a plan that can work, and if it works stick to it but evaluate and adjust in a never ending feedback loop.

So what is the solution? next day.


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  1. Yeah, even though I'm morally opposed to strapping on a gadget that assigns moral imperative to my movement, I really do need to wear a Fitbit or equivalent at work just to prove my theorem - I suspect I'm pacing out 2-3 mi on a busy day, no WONDER I have no enthusiasm for continuing at the gym afterwards!


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