Sunday, March 26, 2017

Receptors in pairs

This is a reminder to self. Back a few years ago, Lustig stated a important item, the receptor for insulin and leptin occur in pairs close together, so a cell can be either open to glucose or closed and not hungry if it weights a few days to receive a leptin.  It is an or switch for each cell. That gut hunger occurs at the time the liver switches between glycogen and fat production to gluconeogenesis, and thus to glucose regulation.

That is the key, hunger dissipates after the second or third day... not true for some of us... we who behave like the zucker rats. We are always ready to eat more. But on the second day, the hunger lessens, from gnawing lower liver region to just hunger.

Zucker rats have either low leptin or a leptin receiver issue. It is not clear, and both are suggested as a issue that causes the Zucker Rat. Too much insulin is one obvious factors, with this is directly related to glucose intake, except that fructose causes the liver to make fat fast. Fructose of any amount slows weight loss as fructose stimulates insulin release but is not needed in the process, but generates hunger. Fructose stimulates hunger.

Of course, insulin injected into the brains of rats kills appetite, but anything injected in the brain does that. Dopamine may be evolved, but the whole problem is desire to eat and available food, but the reward circuits do not help in the control anyway, nor is that explanation helpful. There is more than one driving circuit, and those are not the ones that are typically the problem. Oh well, in the end we all just die anyway.

12 step and OA approach is useless as the is no physical evidence for the existence of any god, so the only space is in the mind of the believer. There is no return from atheistism reality to a believer to utilize those methods. These methods are displacement of reality methods.

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