Saturday, March 4, 2017

Concepts, a Group of Abstract Nouns

Formally, it seams that concepts are know as abstract nouns. I have not given these much though, for until recently, there we not a concern of mine. Now it is occurring to me how many there really are. Yes, a sentence ending in a proposition, no a verb. Oh well. English is something I have difficulty with. It is the dyslexia and an attitude of just not caring to conform or not.

Now the point of all this is why would one confuse a abstract noun and a proper noun? But in reality, it was the community that was/is confused, not I any longer. We learn from the collective culture around us. So what about when they are wrong? At most, any culture is no more that 80% right, so what about all those errors? That is a interesting thought that Socrates would approve of. Another proposition.

So if god is an abstract noun, a bloody concept, an idea in the mind of the believer, how does one convince others of that concept. Religions are a bloody meme, similar to a chain letter, do this and all will be good, fail to do this, and the wrath falls.

Damn, I did not mean to publish this yet. When I left this last, I intended to save it. Oh well.

Overeating may be the result of some concept that rubbed of onto us, and we accepted. I need to root out any automatic thoughts of eating. Or perhaps it is more along the line of free will vs time and instinct. Instinct over time will always win. We have some free will, but how much? Consider the marshmallow test, and how few actually leave the marshmallows. So if they had free will, they could leave it indefinitely. It is my contention that we have about as much free will as we have absolute control over. opinions, and not much more. Something like Epictetus said. Or between the decisions, the assent to a concept and an output decision. But nothing beyond the output decision, we have only influence. Oh well, that is for another day of thinking.   

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