Thursday, February 9, 2017

The cause of obesity & T2D

Peter describes the process:

Once the elevated glucose from insulin resistance kills off enough beta cells then insulin levels drop, glucose levels rise, HSL is disinhibited so FFAs rise. You might even get ketoacidosis. This is type 2 diabetes. ATGL might even take a break.      The first approach to correcting it is carbohydrate restriction, so dropping hyperinsulinaemia and minimising the vicious cycle. Doing something about the kilos of linoleic acid stored in an obese person's adipocytes is an altogether longer term project.

So the second part is to stay on the diet. Keep in mind that any diet in which we consume less calories than we burn will cause weight loss and fat to come out of the fat cells to make up the difference. Also not that for the obese, a large cut is easier than a small cut. So it is about attitude, emotional control, environment, stress, and motivation to stay on the diet. Cut carbs as much as is practical, adequate protein, and as little fat as is possible to make the food taste. To the body, a major cut is a high fat diet to the body, as the fat coming from the fat cells makes up the remainder.

Motivation is mostly emotional. Logic provides the direction and emotion flicks the switch that drives us forward. It is the thought that flicks the switch that makes the difference.

Atkins had everyone on broth, and that may be the low calorie-big volume that feeds the top of the stomach. I am just not sure.

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