Tuesday, February 7, 2017


After we develop the knowledge to live well, then we need the motivation to continue doing what we find difficult for the remainder of our lives, what ever that may be. Self management and recovery training is a group who works with addicted peoples to aid in recovery. The program as defined by SMART Recovery has its limitations, when dealing with food addicts mixed in with other addicts. We food addict like people have many different issues. Most other type of addicts do not accept food addicts, for they do not see food as a addictive substance, but as a simple behavior.

We are addicted to a behavior, as well as a few low dose chemicals, often those chemicals are produced inside the body from multiple food inputs. Opioid peptides are the digestion product of dairy, wheat, potatoes, gliadin proteins, and if we happen to have the enzyme to produce it. Serotonin is produced in the gut, and is displaced in with quantifies with sugar. These are the two typical methods of causing humans to "like" specific foods, and we either like it too much or are unable to produce the will power to not eat those products. Given the will power it takes to haul our obese selves around, it is not a shortage of will power issue.

The smart tools are fine, as far as they go. But those tools are not sufficient for the more severely addicted. We need more, and chemical addiction is only part of the addiction process: there is also the behavioral addiction, which is even stronger and requires different approaches. In the end, we always need to follow a thin diet, both quality and quantity. It is our thinking that gives us the ability to follow, and that is where society fails us.

The Smart algorithm needs a extension for food issues.        

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