Sunday, August 21, 2016

Scams - misdirection

Chain of consciousness... 

Scams - misdirection are the most common problem of the diet industry. The real problem is how do we, on a long term basis, overcome our natural and epigenetic overeating selves? It is all fine to say only eat a little bit, but when we are unable to overcome our desires, it is all our fault, or so society says, yet they are unable to teach what we lack... will power... or so they say. Well just look around at the 2/3 of the population with this problem. How can you say it is all just a lack of will power? Has the human race in developed countries degenerated that fast? It is a lack of something in our culture, and that is time to communicate at a level to transmit some vital information at the appropriate age. I am suggesting that it is TV with entertainment and advertising that has created this problem.

But how does one abandon a lifestyle which has become so natural? And more importantly, what do we replace it with? Once we learn to sort real from false belief, and sticking with those people who do likewise, we are left with huge voids, people who do not want to understand, and little else. We cannot discuss this with people who do not care, and once we sort the garbage out, there is little need or purpose in rehashing those garbage concepts. These false premises must be just abandoned on the wayside, along with all that comes from these same false premises.

We will not win when we fight against our nature. It is our nature that must be changed. Can we reset epigenetic switches twice in our lives? Can we shut off the overeating switch with diet? Not likely, else we would not have the weight loss failure to maintain relapse rate. Where is this going?  Where am I going?

Lack of will power is not lack of power but rather lack of interest and successes in an undertaking, and lack of direction. How long should one keep pushing in a direction when we see so little success in that direction? Are we just pushing a big rock up hill, and when we stop, it roles back? If one could find something more interesting than eating, something we enjoyed more....

This reminds me of the decline of the churches. There theology has three major errors in the founding premises; there are no souls, when we are dead, we are dead; there is no afterlife, no reward, no punishment; there is no supernatural, no god, just luck of the times and our personal effort. So willpower is an effort at something that there is at least some potential of success at. When we are fighting epigenetics, all we have is struggle, and for each day of struggle, minimal success. One day of failure requires about seven days of struggle to overcome the effects of that one day of failure. 

Will power is about desiring the right things. Desire for food is natural and epigenetic, while the desire to be of "normal weight" is intellectual, hence is easily run over by the food desire. That is the core root of the problem. So will power must get aimed at not eating much, and not at weight. but bear with me here for I digress. Oh well, in the end we just die and become worm food- well that is just not permitted. To be green, we should be burred - unpreserved into the ground, but fear of disease and government regulations prevent this. Sky burial would be green also, but once again that is not permitted. There are no green methods permitted so the least damaging way is cremated, turned into Co2, a green house gas. Unless I just wander off and am lost in a bog or bush somewhere.


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