Monday, August 22, 2016

Offensive Maneuvers

Offensive Maneuvers, aka going on the offensive are not intended to be offensive to others, but often are when we consider philosophy and/or theology, it is taken as offensive. Religious people are just thin skinned; that is what religion does to people; they are not used to dealing with reality.  We personally relate to and are attached to our beliefs, and then some fool comes along and tell us we are just wrong and ignorant of the truth. How can that not be offensive? We anti-religious have been taking that abuse since we realized the religious premises are false.

Through history, people get some thing right and others wrong. Original sin, aka we are born ignorant, and must learn everything from those who went before or from first principals, or experiment. Some thing our ancestors, teachers, parents, coaches, professors, etc taught us were just wrong, that is how society and knowledge progresses. It it were all correct, there would be no progress. The assumption that any holy book could be totally right and not improved on, looking from this side is just ludicrous. Oh well, reality continues. As we ratchet through life, correcting one thing at a time, the best we do is to survive in a pleasant life, good life, meaningful life, a life with purpose... with ever increasing knowledge and truth. That does not mean that errors will not creep in, and fixes will be made. But admitting imperfection goes a long way to relieving stress. A worth while purpose is to correct errors in our thinking.

We are limited by our character, skills, strength, desires, energies, interests and the like. Some of us are unable to stop eating, and there is no help in many areas; further, it is not apparent that any human knows how to help some of us. We could be locked up and not feed, but short of that.... we will overeat. There is no one pitching a philosophical or psychological correction that has interest appeal, or universal acceptance, and understanding of the problem, other than eat less. That is not where the problem is. The problem is in overcoming desire to eat, overeat, and develop satiation. Telling our self falsehoods does not make this better.  

Some things I teach will also be wrong, but for different reasons than never questioning the belief. Better plans will come along, without a doubt. Our purpose can simply be to understand.  


  1. We non-relious folk are used to having to keep our mouths shut all the while they "believers" blather on about how saved they are. Mostly they offend me. They are starting to get what has been coming to them for a long time. They are being ignored.

  2. I don't understand what is mean in this article, but I am happy can visit your blog


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