Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Overcoming epigenetic encoding

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So now recovery is down to overcoming epigenetic encoding. To overeat has become our nature. The original cause of overeating may have been dealt with but now it is encoded into our epigenetics. Now we know why there is typically only a 5% long term frequency of recovery.

Food addiction and compulsive overeating are separate issue and must also be dealt with separately and before epigenetic encoded overeating. Now how do we deal with this epigenetic encoded drive to overeat?

That is the big question, and while I am searching for the complete answer, here are some partial answers, not in any specific order.

Metered meals of real food is required, work between meals.
Lower slow carbohydrates only to keep insulin down and reduce blood glucose spikes.
Knowing that it is my epigenetic nature to overeat, and telling other that, as a defense against food pushers.
Avoid food pushers and food pushing situations.
Openly attach frankinfoods as frankinfood aka not foods but products  (See DA Kessler)

In utero... may be long enough to set epigenetics .... so some are screwed before they are born... so they/we have two choices ... fight lifelong overeating/obesity issues or grow obese...Not a pleasant realization. This is  life long battle, not a short struggle, but the remainder of our lives. Depressing or irritating, which are we/you/I going to choose?

With this being epigenetics, we are not at fault, it is truly our nature. We can stop listening to the idiots that talk lifestyle change, choice of lifestyle. We have no choice when it is our nature, only a life of struggle.   Now all we need to do is understand recovery treatments or develop OCD like fixity recovery. 

So they have identified a mechanism called "small RNA inheritance" that does that in utero, and something similar for children in development responding to overeating and fixing that into our epigenetic nature. It does not matter the cause of overeating as a child; it becomes our nature, and now we must learn to deal with that. Life is a bitch, and then we all die in the end. Now we obese/exobese know why the struggle is so difficult.       

and more evidence of it being epigenetic issue: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/02/science/epigenetic-marks-dna-genes.html
  • Some studies, for example, have found that people with a high body mass index have unusual epigenetic marks on a gene called HIF3A. Some researchers have suggested that those marks change how HIF3A functions, perhaps reprogramming fat cells to store more fat.
Reference: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/10369861/Epigenetics-How-to-alter-your-genes.html  

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