Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Learning to overcome Epigenetic encoding... rationalization

Once we consider that the overeating issue might be epigenetic encoded, and it is now our nature, several realizations jump out. It is now our nature. The struggle will be lifelong, and unrelenting, if we wish lasting success. Diet is about what is easier to do, not what is right. Developing OCD like behavior with respect to food intake may be the only way to achieve lasting recovery weight loss.

It is apparent (several research papers) on average that mice (children) born in time of famine have longer life potential, and those born in time of excess have less. Oh well, it is the luck of the draw, and I was born into excess food. For what ever reason I started to overeat as a small child, and over (or by) the first few years of school ballooned up to a massive size.  The ease of epigenetic encoding likely decreases with age, so that may be why we see that people who come later to this overeating problem tend to recover more often than those who started as a child. So if we overate as child over one winter, say six months, overeating encodes as a epigenetic characteristic. So I overate for several years, possible intentionally or as a stress response, it is likely that overeating encoded.

So "recovery" is not really possible, only is learning to live at a near normal size with this encoded natural drive to overeat. The problem is permanent. That is a realization like a missing hand. How could I have not realized this before? Recovery is a concept preached by others, I never really considered that recovery is bullshit, the problem will always exist for me. Weight loss is possible, an the urge to overeat will always be present.

That is one of the problems of life, we echo back that which we have been taught, without major consideration of whether it is true or not. We trust our teachers, even when they are wrong. That is the major problem of religion, and of science, and of history, hell, life. "Hell, Hanna, Hell" was a favorite explanation of one of my great grand fathers, George Washington Schnelle (born July 4) who was married to Hanna Rohrabaugh or Rorabaugh. anyways...a bit ADD.

So how does one develop in oneself enough OCD like behavior with respect to food to counteract epigenetic encoded overeating? Well first is the rigidity of behavior, enough to be irritating to self and others. This will be required as even a single slip well set us back to where we were. A binge must be defined as anything not on our food regiment. Rigidity of behavior will also need to extend to between meal activities to complete life. Now that I have these concepts firmly planted in the mind, where will it need to go from here? It does not matter, for in the end we all just die anyway. 

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