Sunday, June 5, 2016

Trying to understand behavior in general, big picture?

 Social / Cultural Anthropology is the study of human society / cultures, their knowledge, beliefs, practices, values, ideas, technologies, economies and other domains of social and cognitive organization.

Social-cultural anthropology traditionally dealt with kinship, political economy and other social dimensions of non-literate, non-western and often isolated communities, which could be observed in their totality. Today, many social anthropologists also study “western” culture and such aspects of complex societies as gender, sexuality, peasantry, ethnic minorities, and industrial work groups.

Knowledge, beliefs (social, religious, cultural) values, practices, economic, political, at the band/tribe/village level is not uniform, but much more uniform as the group gets smaller (from the sub-subspecies level of groups). That is reasonable for the individual has only one set of beliefs, and there is often only one or two senior in the smallest social unit. OK,  the typical family has two parents, and grow from there. 

So any sub -subspecies is built up on the learned beliefs of the previous generations. If it was wrong, it is still wrong, if it was right, it is still right. Ever generation must learn everything, and pass on what is proven or demonstrated relevant to the next generation. On the individual each subsequent layer of education adds and subtracts from the relevant information passed on. 

The first 7 years of life set a child's personality, learning fields, memory, interests in broad sense, speaking ability, confidence, etc. So those child minders are the ones that give so much guidance the young, and to a large extent heavily influence child behavior. That is what causes the differentiation in behavior between the working poor and the rich children. The extreme poor do not display this setback. Odd. The difference can be found in the amount of time that child spends with adults in those formative years, 0 to 7 years, in active learning environment.  Is that why a child who grows up isolated is low social need adult? Makes sense. All those unused cross linked neurons get pruned. Oh well, life goes on, and it becomes difficult for us to learn in those areas. 

So those of us with personality disorders and learning deficits can blame it all on our genes and early development; if there was wrong done it was not by me; and we are left to pick up the pieces and move on to a rational and useful life, full of purpose or production. There is no purpose in life until we paint one on. Shall I change colour today?  

One more point on understanding. I am not a natural writer, it is a forced habit which I came to get pleasure from. As you all know, I am not good at it, but enjoy it, therefore am of the dangerous sort, if it were of importance. On this light, I have three active blogs, and this one has the least hits, yet draws the most phishing. Moderation of comments requires more effort as deleting the comments that I do not want, therefore, for now, I will leave the comments as they are. Some of the phishing is quite humorous word usage, likely the result of English as a second language results. Oh, well, it is a struggle for some to scratch out what passes as gainful employment these days. Living off advertising is just another form of prostitution, but what do I know?          


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