Friday, June 17, 2016

Travel Experience

Travel Experience... it is the stories of the returning travelers that excites the next wave of travel. Those stories have turned quite negative in the last bit from those returning from Europe. Hoards of black assumed refugees around the tourist attractions hawking trinkets, gang mobs of in your face pick pockets, swarming at tour buses. Hotel ripoffs... well built up expectations only to find run down dirty bug infested rooms. Airport security searches- of the seniors getting out of hand, and of the ladies getting physical. And the cost of some places... If one chooses to go, you need to be willing to pay the prices... gouging anyone... Oh well it was only a discussion group, and a few fresh stories. The odd thing is that everyone had similar stories in the last years. So why would I want to travel? I have long held that travel was much overrated anyway. Is it fear or practical reality that keeps me home?    

I have been on quite a few long trips in my life; I have felt ripped off by ever one; why would I travel?  Oh well, we all just die in the end.

Camping, in Alberta is not any better. The rates in some campgrounds is outrageous. Walmart parking lot, here I come, and move ever day... Retirement has become enjoying life as best we can until... well OK, we all just die in the end.

Then there is the US joke; mass shootings and democrats filibuster on gun control.   
You have trump as a presidential candidate. How can we Canadians keep a straight face? We have religion... all those who think it is right to kill those who will not agree that your pigshit beliefs...Christians, Muslims, Trump, Ken Ham, Flat earth society... etc. Oh well, we all just die in the end.


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