Friday, January 8, 2016

Self Evaluation... to understand the cause of overeating.

The purpose of self evaluation is to understand the causes of overeating with the idea of removing the causes. As I have said before, there about six groups of causes; food knowledge, physical drives, environment, social drives, maladaptive eating behaviors, and food addictions. Five of the six can only be addressed by doing something that is not natural for us to do, that is not eat when the craving, desire, natural urge arises. We need to do this consistently long term. It is no wonder that most of us fail long term.

The first we need to give up are the foods that cause a craving for more, those that digest into opioid peptides, and drive food addiction. Dairy products and grains are the first to need to go. Food addiction is real for some of us.

Now we find that habit does not have a cause, we do it because we were trained to do it. We simply need to retrain ourselves or of that habit, if our problem is habit.


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