Tuesday, January 19, 2016


We all live lifestyles. If we have a problem, food, smoke, drugs, gambling, etc, it is easy to say it is is lifestyle choice. It is. But that statement is of no value in changing the impact of the problem. We have no choice with respect to the problem, we are just unable to make that change, and likely we and you do not know why.

We all know the solution to obesity is to quit overeating. That is obvious. It is the doing that is not easy. We have been trained to eat, have a compulsion to eat, a natural over-driven desire to eat. We are not normal people. We need to identify and change what ever the things are that are driving us to eat. There is the problem.

All those who say stop eating, change your lifestyle, are just missing the problem and a ignorant of the real problem. Many people are driven by high (excess) insulin to eat, but not all. Excess cortisol also causes the same problem. Excess adrenalin similar issue. Some have physical issues, psychological issues, philosophical issues, environmental issues, social issues, or the like. So what do we need to change?

The only solution is to examine one issue at a time until we find what fixes the problem, and then make the lifestyle change. Without knowing what the problem is, each lifestyle change only adds more failure to the problem.

The first step in our recovery may be to accept who we are and our limitations, not try to change ourselves to something we are not. We may need to stop listening to others and become a hermit. Now there is a life style change.

But what do I know? 

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  1. The older i get, the easier it is to see that "being authentic" and telling the truth kindly takes a lot of the stress and drama out of life. We try to be what our loved-ones want, as Nature designed us, and in the modern world that just does not work. ...and ya know, i just got the urge to make a full blog-post out of the topic. ;-) Thanks, Fred -- i hope your winter is going all right!


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