Saturday, October 10, 2015

Habit - reminder to self

Some of us are habit driven. Snacking, the desire for a snack is a habit build up of years of living hand to mouth, aka as grazing. Falling back into that old habit is easy, and must be avoided. Now add a low impulse control, and a open food rich environment. 

As   puts it "appetite is largely a function of how much fuel is available at the cellular level, not how much fuel is consumed."

Insulin is released in four stages: basal, pre-phagia. phagia, post-phagia. Some say in two phases: glucose driven and basal. There are three normal drivers, body, mind and glucose. The mind, adrenal gland, drives pre-phagia release, which leads appetite. Several other hormones, adrenaline, cortisol also contribute. 

So the chain really goes:
Obesity is caused by overeating.
Overeating is caused by appetite.
Appetite is caused shortage of fuel at the cellular level caused by release of insulin in the prephagia phase.
The fuel is locked in the fat cells because of hormones, mainly insulin, being to high.
The hormones are controlled be the amount and makeup of the food.
We are constantly bombarded with food offers except in "non food friendly"environments.
So we are overeating because our hormones are out of balance, caused by our foods, or are they just out of balance for the lack of a better word. Obesity is a hormone dis-regulation; or is it a food rich environment causing the dis-regulation?

So obesity is the result of hormone dis-regulation,  namely insulin. It is released before and each time we eat, more when we eat carbohydrates. So it will be important to not eat, and when we do, few carbohydrates. That energy is stored, not made available to the cells, according to some. OK. If you say so.  

So am I eating because of habit, hunger, appetite, or cravings, that is the first question to answer. Hunger is far different from appetite. Adding carbohydrates back into the diet causes hunger, and possible appetite at a time that the next meal is needed.

But then, what do I know?

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