Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sedative Insulin?

Is insulin a sedative in peoples with insulin resistance?
and some other stuff that I do not have the references for handy.

In addition to the normal facilitating glucose uptake, making fat and locking fat away, shutting down glucogenesis and glyconeogenesis, and cause dilation of the vascular pathways, does insulin act as a sedative?

This is a critical question for the obese, as the body and mind likes sedatives. This drives the "I like, I want more", reward circuits of the unconscious part of the mind. It is the missing part of the circuit, the key to food addiction, compulsive overeating of carbohydrates, the hole grail of weight loss.

The degree of sedative effect is about an blood alcohol equivalent to 0.04 after a full meal and two doughnuts, maybe, approximately, crudely, if they use the same scale of sedation and blood glucose does not enter into the equation, that is, one is highly insulin resistant as I are, just for you english majors.

RS update: I am not seeing a big impact, but I may already have the effect due to those lightly pan fried potatoes in the mornings.

But what do I know? Be happy, eat real food, and enjoy what life has to offer. Daoish.

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