Sunday, January 5, 2014

RS 2

There is one surprise about using a bit of potato starch in scrambled eggs; how much butter or other fat the eggs will hold. This, alone, is enough reason to use it.

After one week, I am not seeing any noticeable change in BG, but then I was using a bit of pan fried potatoes for breakfast quite often. It may be, therefore, I was getting the effect. I know that without those potatoes, I get hungry much sooner.

Be well, eat real food, breath deeply, smile easily, and enjoy what life has to offer. Daoish.


  1. Do you add double cream to your scrambled egg? Val

  2. Hi Val, no, just butter. I do not use cream for much, so it is never around.

  3. Having recently eaten some scrambled egg, with butter and double cream added, couldn't help but put a comment.

    Scrambled egg with some rashers/slices of bacon first thing in the morning can make a good start to the day.

    Not being a scientist I'm really not sure about this RS?

    All the best Jan


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