Sunday, May 13, 2012


Listening to Jack Kruse (, he pointed out cold acclimatization take energy. OK, but I knew that. Winter in Canada, every winter, happens. Cold reduces infections. Ice can be used to reduce pain. Watch out for too much cooling. It takes time.

Brown fat burn fat and produces heat. Really? How much? Well in the research it is about 3 calories per hour per pound of fat.

Jack is a neurosurgeon,  typically over confident, like the typical surgeon. He has a tendency to overstate a bit (100 pound fish on seven pound line). They need to believe that they know it all to overcome the natural human reluctance of cutting into someone. This is all ego built up in the mind. The reflection of there training, the reflection of the overgrown collective egos that are the medical community. We often work with collective superegos, - municipal governments planning and development departments, to differentiate big egos from super egos.

Even on Paleo, I get bloody hungry. He does not touch on that issue. No help there. The other issue I have not resolved is a tendency to get hungry when stressed, anxiety is high, or boredom strikes (trapped with people). Oh well, shit happens.


  1. Fred, have you tried a b-vitamin supplement for stress? i know that when i'm stressed, i crave carbs or alcohol, and B's seem to help me....

  2. Did you inadvertantly confuse Kruise(Jack) and Krauss(Ronald)?

  3. Curiously, I love stimulants when I'm stressed out. Have you tried coffee with coconut oil?

    B vitamins seem to make me depressed.

  4. Re: Even on Paleo, I get bloody hungry.

    If you are hungry or craving food, the key is to add more fat: butter, cream, fatty sauces made out of pork lard soaked into a little bit of veggies etc. If in a hurry or at work - drink a glass of 18% cream. Also, zero carbs is not always best, you may want to take 25-50g a day in pure glucose equivalent. No less than that! If I don't eat any vegetables or fruit on a given day, I just have some chocolate.

    Stan (Heretic)


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