Saturday, June 9, 2018

A diet zealot

A diet zealot: well that must be one who sticks to a diet, regardless of all else. It is one solution.

The zealot does not need a rational reason, they can just latch on and do it, it being a diet with little food, or specific food. Consider a kibble diet, as has been suggested. Boring. Economical. High fiber. adequate protein. As we have no need or low need of carbohydrate, and the purpose is to get us to burn our own fat, there is little need for either of those ingredients. That sounds to me like the steak diet.

I once knew a lady, I use that term loosely, who weighted or measured every morsel, exercise yes, no time for actual work of value. She did fund raising for charity as a way of generating revenue for herself, and a bit made it to the charity. She drove a new Cadillac, annual lease, and had a life style, and dressing style, very expensive, and it was all at the charity expense. Oh well. Well in addition to the food there were protein shakes, and odd coloured shakes, and many little pills. And she claimed to be living a healthy lifestyle. Looking back, I now see her as a sociopath, but it is all history now.

There was the anorexic girl who dried to to guide the obese in weight loss, the obese who are in the process of losing, but never become stable, either weight wise or mentally. Oh well.

There are the sociologist who never had a weight problem, and does not like most foods, and her advice rolls off her tongue, directly from the "good food guide" or similar approved guide.  Yet it leaves some of us hungry and unsatisfied. That is why we cycle.

There are a bunch of deep cycling men, 100 pound losses plus, and we all have stability issues, and live a cycle. Oh well. It is easier to lose that to be stable. That is the essence of the problem. We like food. That simple. Oh well. It is time to go onto a losing cycle.

So what does all this data say?

If we actually say something new, exciting, wonderful and god forbid "useful" will others read and understand and use it, or if they are not in the mind state to receive and understand "it" what is one to do? As a atheist, occasionally we must acknowledge our evolution to where we are today with near meaningless phrases like "god forbid". (or should that be "god forbid.")

It is often not about what we say, who we know or where we are listed, it is often just about what we get from saying it.


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  1. The bottom line is, you need to be able to LIVE in a state where it's not just a day to day struggle...
    I guess I have relaxed my standards - as long as I'm physically able to do the things I'd like to do, I will give up the concept of being able to wear those size 12's again...


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