Monday, May 21, 2018

Causes of Overeating

In discussion, the question was asked. Here is a regurgitation the groups of " the causes of overeating" more or less:

Physical: A catch group for numerous mixed problems with a physical component. The subject may need to learn to live hungry, never being satisfied, always craving, if they wish to remain normal weight. Also note that hunger is normal on any weight loss diet. Hunger may (will) continue unabated for some, life becomes learning to live hungry.

Chemical: Chemical in the foods are providing a chemical addiction feed back loop. Foods containing trace amounts of opioids or proteins that break to opioid peptides. Think wheat as gladin proteins, and casein proteins as found in dairy products. Identify and remove the foods will help.

Emotional: Common, but often not recognized and becomes habit or deep conditioned. Overeating as a cooping method for a bad situation. This is an internal reaction to a real issue. The overeating may become habit, addiction, or epigenetic.

Environmental: The conditions imposed on the over-eater are extreme and are causing the overeating as a reaction/cooping method. These must be removed and then the overeating can be dealt with. It may have become habit, addiction, or epigenetic.

Willful: This is a moral / mental problem, and is likely a reaction to poor parenting, conditions, or other problems.

Addiction: This is usually chemical but may become habit, deep conditioning, or epigenetic. Remove the food, and then deal with the other issues. Addiction can also occur to the act of overeating, and to other chemicals, both in the food and internally produced. It can be similar to a "runners high", an adrenaline rush, serotonin high, or dopamine high. Insulin and sugar together provide a relaxing affect to some. Others just crave more food.

Habit, deep conditioned or epigenetic: These final states are not true causes, but are what the food issue has become through life. The only way to overcome these are my reconditioning to a small consistent diet, but that will be resisted by society and current life style habits. An life makeover may be required, a life of busy enjoyable activity, away from food... whatever that may actually look like. 

Please note that these are not firm nor scientific, but rather discussion based divisions.

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