Monday, February 19, 2018


Is there a relationship between the religion/philosophy and the general overeating issue we have in Canada/US? Being an atheist, I have kicked the supernatural parts, but is there still other values/concepts/behaviors that are part of the problem?

So the greatest vice we can have is allowing our mind to become unfocused. This implies that we should always be on. Well, how about when we are doing repetitive jobs? Yes. That is mindfulness. Thinking about what is important. OK. Thinking not eating. What is the digest thief of mindfulness? TV, radio, electronic background noise. Split attention.

So it take effort to stay focused.

Now how about all the virtues that we have been sold by religion. Altruism for example. Ayn Rand makes a good case for abandoning much of altruism. The highest value to my life is life it's self. That is not in doubt, so putting others in front of me is not right in traffic, for if I have the right of way, I should take it. I have seen others waste my time by giving up there right of way, and wasting my time. It is unsafe to proceed in front of a goof ball. So what is one to do? Objectitism, my objective is to live well myself, and let others take care of themselves. Do not allow slavery, or be part of being a slave. It is not right to give up the right of doing, nor to allow others to walk over me. I am the most important person to myself. If I do not look out for myself, who will?

So down with altruism, it is up to me to produce, and not be part of using others nor allowing me to be used... much. Enough. 

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