Friday, September 30, 2016

Setpoint... well maybe

So what is the setpoint really? It is a weight that our intake and output are equal, and therefore no change in our weight. Our intake, eating matches our output energy. So all those factors that effect our intake and output come into play.

So when we realize we are addicted to wheat and ban wheat from our diet, we have a new setpoint. Or when we injure our back and stop doing heavy physical work, our output decreases, yet we are in the habit of eating, so we rapidly gain until we make the effort to restrict intake, but then realize that our eating is epigenetic set now so we have a major struggle and are likely to lose the battle long term without a psychological shakeup and superhuman effort.

It is that psychological / educational shakeup that the medical industry does not understand. Neither does the diet industry. The exercise industry only promotes exercise which is all fine for the uninjured and healthy, but not for those with active physical problems. Some exercise is required for life, but not anything like the amount required to deal with a weight problem. Oh well, we are on our own with no government help. In fact, the government is working against us, both actively and passively.

The government goes on spouting wrong information about food and diet, they actively promote and allow other to promote overeating. Again we are on our own. The press promotes whatever without any concern for the correctness nor the effect. Many now know more of what is correct, but it takes an massive effort to get that information into the public's hands, and it must overcome the wrong information competing. Only one can be correct, and wrong side is still winning. Oh well, some of us know what is correct, and are trying to live it. It is difficult when those around us will not be persuaded of what we need.

Human society, as we live today is doomed. Oh well, the big effects will not be severe in my lifetime. Soon the wild fish will be gone, the oceans to acidic to grow much, oxygen producing plankton unable to keep up to our carbon-dioxide production. As the carbondioxide production is tied to population and lifestyle, and we are unwilling to give up lifestyle, the only choice is reduction in population back to the level it was when the oceans could keep up to our carbondioxide production rate. A return to 1960 population more or less. 50% of current. Oh well, itewajda. (In the end we all just die anyway.)

How will this occur. Our excess will shorten the lives of many. Those living in excess do not reproduce healthy populations, but others that live in excess. Religions will need to be banned or subjected to forced population control. All will need to promote birth control, one child families, and similar method of zero growth after the big reduction occurs.

What will cause the big reduction? famine in regions, war-civil and against immigrants or invaders, and disease... resistant bacteria may be a big item. Carbondixoide induced change in weather, and the inability to mount rescue missions, and those who are unable to deal with the high dioxide levels physically, emphysema and other breathing issues. We are unable to convince the governments into real effective actions, just token actions. Oh well, itewajda.  


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Negative Negative Negative and Abuse

It is not just the diet industry that suffers from overstatement of the results.   Here are  prime examples.
The diet industry, meditation industry, the whole self-help industry, the drug industry all have this in common, they contain a bit of information/treatment but far oversell the benefits.

Obesity and the obese takes a great deal of abuse from the media and through the media. Obesity is caused by overeating which in turn has many causes. Comfort eating, to overcome the abuse heaped on by the media, is not helpful to this problem. Neither is the abuse.

Now the media may say that it is just reporting, but they manufacture much of the stories, hype them up, without understanding the actually the problem.

The remaining choice is to shut off all media.

Other reasons this may be a good choice is baiting for food by the food industry drives the desire to eat, and the obese do not need that, for to the obese it is additional abuse. It is not just fast food, for we can forbid ourselves to eat that but the commercials stimulate appetite in general. If the government wants to do something about the obesity problem, the first action should be to ban all food commercials. Period. Until they do, the government does not care, regardless of what they say. There actions and speech do not match. We as a population have not adapted to dealing with the new media effectively.

There are many industries, government included that are hype based, not reality based. Much of the strife that the "mentally ill" face is culturally based issues. Many of these "mentally ill" are really the ends of the normal distribution of personality characteristics. These occur naturally, and can be trained out with effort, should anyone desire to and take the time to figure out how to train it out. Much is a result of our modern culture, hype based industry, rush for money, greed is good society, of which I was part of for many years. Now that I have had some time to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest it, it is apparent that much is just rhetoric without foundation, currently referred to as bullshit.

Bullshit is spread by people who just talk without concern for the correctness of what they are saying. This is different than lying, for in that case the speaker knows they are wrong. The difference is in the knowing of the truth. Much is just bullshit.  Actually, the bullshit has a random chance of being correct, as the stopped watch is correct twice a day.

So after that digression, how does one separate the tails of the normal distribution from the mentally ill? Does it make any difference? Does anyone care?  How much of this is culturally driven? As it turns out, the definition of acceptable behavior is totally culturally driven. So any mismatch is a function of culture except where there is an organic problem, although adapting to a rapidly changing culture is not easy, and we may step between cultures in our day to day lives. Each occupation and even employer has it's own culture, as do families, nationalities, districts, ethical origins and the like.

We do change, and often in steps. We will no longer tolerate something, and switch off something. It can be sudden and dramatic or slow and gradual to the point we do not even notice. We can foster this change, or it can occur at a unconscious level. Obesity recovery is often a trained in change, and it may be unpleasant for those who do it, and also for those around those that make the change. Much is a necessary push against the culture we live in, and those around may find it unpleasant, but that is their problem. It is up to each of us to decide the kind of person we are going to be and then do it.

Food commercials are abuse to the obese, so the media are abusers.            

Saturday, September 24, 2016

What is the weight loss key?

What is the key to weight loss... well it is not eating. So how does one do that for an extended period of time? now that is the real problem. LCHF may help, but until someone puts numbers on it, it is hard to know what they are talking about, and what about that desire to eat which LCHF people ignore, or do not acknowledge? Well that may be emotional driven, food addiction, chemically driven, epigenetic, habit, but that is not the LCHF concern, yet it is the overweight persons concern.

Back a hundred posts ago, I had it down to five areas that drive overeating: food and physiological knowledge, physical cause of excess appetite, environmental conditions, maladaptive eating behaviors as eating disorders (stress, comfort) , and food addictions. To this we need to add epigenetic and perhaps relabel these. So which one is driving today?

It is apparent that many people who do not have weight issues are driven into crazy eating patterns. So what is the natural solution? So where does the motivation come from? When we try to rationalize the desire to eat with Maslow's extended motivations...

Transcendence, self actualization, aesthetics, knowledge and understanding, self esteem and respect for others, love and acceptance, safety, physiological needs, but the higher portions are cultural driven... overeating must be in the bottom two someplace. Oh well, these do not seem to relate very well... but that is a issue with all these schemes... they are all mismatched.  It becomes we need to want, need, desire recovery more than the problem has a hold on the natural drives. The strongest force will win. Epigenetic pull vs will power. Is it even an even struggle? 


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dinner with Foodies

Last night I had dinner with a group of Foodies. It was obvious to me that Foodies have a special problem, they like there food and want it, want to talk about it, and that drives appetite. It is an unhelpful situation for me. I will avoid in the future.

Foodies are all about the food, they crave more, better, different. And among them are the one with weight issues. Not rational. Oh well. itewajda.