Saturday, September 24, 2016

What is the weight loss key?

What is the key to weight loss... well it is not eating. So how does one do that for an extended period of time? now that is the real problem. LCHF may help, but until someone puts numbers on it, it is hard to know what they are talking about, and what about that desire to eat which LCHF people ignore, or do not acknowledge? Well that may be emotional driven, food addiction, chemically driven, epigenetic, habit, but that is not the LCHF concern, yet it is the overweight persons concern.

Back a hundred posts ago, I had it down to five areas that drive overeating: food and physiological knowledge, physical cause of excess appetite, environmental conditions, maladaptive eating behaviors as eating disorders (stress, comfort) , and food addictions. To this we need to add epigenetic and perhaps relabel these. So which one is driving today?

It is apparent that many people who do not have weight issues are driven into crazy eating patterns. So what is the natural solution? So where does the motivation come from? When we try to rationalize the desire to eat with Maslow's extended motivations...

Transcendence, self actualization, aesthetics, knowledge and understanding, self esteem and respect for others, love and acceptance, safety, physiological needs, but the higher portions are cultural driven... overeating must be in the bottom two someplace. Oh well, these do not seem to relate very well... but that is a issue with all these schemes... they are all mismatched.  It becomes we need to want, need, desire recovery more than the problem has a hold on the natural drives. The strongest force will win. Epigenetic pull vs will power. Is it even an even struggle? 


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