Tuesday, December 8, 2015

And not just in women

with the headline

A vegetarian diet may be making you loopy: Report

And my observations concur. Some people are loopy, but I never connected it to diet. I need to say that quite a few of the loopy are vegans but the cause? It will need more proof before cause can be declared. They need to be loopy to follow a vegan existence, or very easily influenced. Some religions have this problem also and are just loopy.

Many of us were educated in our childhood to follow. Brainwashed. Unknowingly. When we realize that were, we rebel and some then learn the reality, that we must get along together to survive we.

Freedom includes free thinking, and reason. we need to understand that logic is the most important skill, along with the rules of evidence. Frye standard and all that. O well, I am only doing life without parole. What do I know?

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