Thursday, October 23, 2014

A new direction

For some time now I have been struggling with my weight. Paleo did not help, but then I had lost a bunch of weight, coming from 158 down to 92 kgs on low carb, whole foods, which is paleo, atkins, LoBag, sort of concept anyway. I explored a bunch of programs, all of which said " just follow this program and you will lose weight ". None of those programs were of a sort that I could follow. Hunger, cravings, temptation, environment, desires, habits, physical issues, maladaptive eating issues, food addiction, all non-rational effects, made following those plans impossible. So I digressed into spiritual, ie, non-physical endeavors seeking relief. Those did not make much difference either. My weight is climbing, and I seemed unable to not eat.

Now what? Spiritual is largely bullshit, but there is a non-physical part of life, a thinking system that exists. Everybody seems to be trying to describe it but not in real terms, rather as something that might explain it sort of, if we believed that there was a spirit. Consciousness is all we really have control over. Unconscious mind, behaviors, automatic responses, and the like occur, hence they exist if only as the sum of our past experiences. There may also be an interface between the body and mind, as well as the body.

Ok, so we have four potential sources of cravings, the body, primal body-mind interface, unconscious mind, and conscious mind. Hunger arises out of the body, and a bit of fat removes that, but not the craving, the urge to eat.

Now radicalization has become the issue in the media. Is weight loss a form of radicalization against yourself  while we are losing? We become driven, raising an urgent want, but then enthusiasm wains, the need is reduced, and we become unable to maintain. We have not corrected the problem, just controlling the problem, and we have once again lost control.

So when we look at the stages of change, we return to the action stage three times each day. Maintenance and termination are not possible.

But what do I know and where is this going?         


  1. I'm so sorry you're struggling so hard and still gaining, Fred! How frustrating.... One feels that there MUST be something that can help, but ...?

  2. I have realized out of all this shit that contentment with everything is the required concept. Contentment with a little bit of food, with things as they are, and no desire to change things.

  3. Fred - just so sorry you struggle. I wish I could wave a magic wand .....

    All the best Jan


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