Monday, April 7, 2014

Disordered Eaters

Disordered eaters are people who nibble, pick, binge and fast, snack all day rather than three moderate meals each day. The most difficult thing for a recovering overeater, who must generally live on three moderate meals each day, living to live with a 24/7 snacker. There is always food out, exposed for temptation. Visual food cues are the most terrible things. There is no solution, it is a learn to endure situation. Or leave, what other choice is there? Talking to this individual is not helpful, never has been, and is not worth the blow back.


  1. [sigh] hang in there, Fred! it sounds horribly frustrating, but at least you've found philosophy to help!

  2. Oh dear Fred ...not easy.

    All the best Jan


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