Monday, March 17, 2014

"Balanced diets"

got me going with what is a balanced diet again. Balanced implies two equal or something along that line. The word balanced is a red herring or a misnomer until some one can show me what balanced means in diet. It is just one more modifier that sounds nice and is meaningless. Anyone who uses balanced and does not explain what it means is just beating their gums, and does not deserve any attention.

But I agree with the post, low fat just does not work. There is one more issue also, and that is fat deficiency drives hunger and cravings. If it works for you, good luck with that. It is not my place to tell anyone how to live; I do not know myself, but I am making gains, I think.

Now I must go do the work of a retired person, what ever that might be.


  1. retirement is WONNNNDERFUL. plenty of time to think, read, write, listen to music -- whatever winds your clock. :-) hope you're enjoying yours as much as we are!

  2. Thanks Tess

    Too much undirected time is also not good. I need more activities in the winter.

  3. Retirement can be so good BUT it still needs the right balance of activities, not always easy in winter.

    All the best Jan


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