Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Future of obesity education

The issue of obesity does not fall into any one profession, but is a conglomerate falling partly into many. Many professions, medical, psychiatric, and nutrition, sociologist, psychologist, as well as religious, food sciences, all take turns at this. It is a free for all. Many of us exobese have written books. It is clear that it is not in the interest of the government, the medical industry, the pharmacy industry, Big Ag, or Big Pharma to produce a real solution to the obesity problem. We are on our own. It is up to the individual to save ourselves, to pull ourselves up by our own boot straps as it were. It is up to the individual. Each individual. Perhaps somewhere in the future, the government will get real and start to help, but until then, we are on our own. 

One of the early realizations is that we must change our thinking in radical ways, or at least what may seem radical at the first look. We are not starting in the same place and likely have different views, hence, what we need to change may be different. Persistence, perseverance, continuing to change, until sufficient change has occurred to bring about an end to the problem is required. 

We are forced to struggle against the current of advertising, marketing, the media, and time. It is not a struggle for the faint of heart, the weak of spirit, or they can grab onto a God, and blindly follow. 

What have I learned in the struggle?  It is a struggle, and we get none or little support. We can seek verbal support, and receive some verbal support, but there is always someone pushing food, everywhere.  It is not in the public interest to produce an environment that is free of temptations, sugars, eatable products, for we live in a sell sell sell world. 

Haroldism. Never get into a pissing contest with a skunk.  That is what we are in.

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